White Label

Integrated automation for translation agencies

We have a total focus on quality, and are solving inefficiency through innovation. Key challenges such as no-shows, emergency bookings and scalability can be overcome using our systems.

Translation agencies, translators and clients all enjoy an improved experience with DigitalTolk.

New bookings

Agencies secure new work


Automation drives efficiency


Industry issues overcome

Our advanced tools offer extra capabilities for agencies, without developing new systems themselves. Everything up to and including invoicing is automated.

When a client books, we match the most suitable interpreters dynamically based on travel time, qualifications, specialisation and past client ratings.

All this happens automatically, without the agency needing to call translators one-by-one.

With us, agencies can offer their clients fast emergency bookings. Thanks to our powerful software a qualified translator can be found in minutes, or even seconds.

By using automated job reminders, we drive down no-show rates almost to zero, driving up client satisfaction. Feedback and ratings from clients also let agencies see which interpreters deliver their best service.

In addition, agencies can offer their interpreters paperless bookings and invoicing through our app. Agencies can also build their environmental credentials thanks to our carbon-neutral data servers.