Tolkavrop – Agency Exchange System

Breakthrough technology to book translators

Large buyers of translation services such as government ministries, health boards, municipalities and the justice system waste significant resources finding and hiring translators.

They have to call translation agencies one-by-one, who in turn call their translators one-by-one. This manual process is labour intensive and can cause long delays.

With Tolkavrop, what once took hours now takes seconds. Through automation, we free up tens or even hundreds of hours of administrative time.

Much, much faster

Significant time savings achieved through automation and innovation


Efficient, environmentally responsible paperless processes

Powerful insights

In-depth data so clients can manage performance and quality

We give clients a single interface to manage bookings, feedback and reporting. The system can handle requests for interpretation over the phone or in person, document translation, and sign language interpretation.

According to each client’s contractual arrangements, the system sends send job requirements to agencies sequentially, in order of preference, or simultaneously.

When we send sequentially, if an agency declines a booking, we automatically notify the next. The client needs do nothing more until someone accepts the job.

We drastically speed up emergency bookings by notifying all agencies at once. Whoever can provide an interpreter can accept the job straight away.

Our processes are digital-by-default. That way, we save time, resources and paper, helping our clients meet their sustainability goals.

Dashboard statistics give our clients oversight. They can assess their agencies’ performance across metrics that include jobs successfully filled, user feedback and complaints.

Clients even have access to our tools

Our app lets users make bookings and give feedback efficiently, and we designed our robust systems for scale. They can easily handle complex enterprise-level use.