Our Values

During the refugee crisis Virpal Singh, our founder, was volunteering in Stockholm, where communication was a problem, and volunteer teams found it hard to locate interpreters. Often, they resorted to standing on chairs and shouting out the language they needed to interpret.

That is how the Tolk.se idea was born. Virpal saw that technology could be used to connect volunteers and refugees, addressing social justice by ensuring equitable access to services.

As he developed the idea, it became clear there were inefficiencies elsewhere, too. By building a paperless platform that automates slow processes, he could solve many of the problems inherent in the client-agency-translator interface.

Designed with scalability in mind, our systems are fast, powerful and can be integrated with our clients’ existing technology.

Today, we offer the DigitalTolk core platform, including as a white label product, the Agency Exchange Service and Real Time Translation products.

True to our purpose, we donate our tools to the Stockholm City Mission, to support their critical work connecting refugees with volunteers to access day-to-day products and services.

The environment is central to our approach. To reduce our carbon footprint, we use carbon-neutral data servers and take paper out of our processes.

All contracts are handled digitally, post-session reports are verified on both sides through our app, and 99% of our invoices are sent electronically.

In other words, we do everything we can to tread lightly on the planet.